IARC Scientific Council
Forty-seventh session

Lyons, 26-28 January 2011 - Princess Takamatsu Hall

Agenda ORSAgenda - Orientation Session for new Scientific Council members
SC/47List of documents
SC/47/2 [PMID]IARC Interim Annual Report 2010 - with PMID
SC/47/2IARC Interim Annual Report 2010 [without PMIDs]
SC/47/3Report of the meeting of the 52nd Session of the Governing Council
SC/47/4Director's Report and update from the 46th Session of the Scientific Council
SC/47/5Director's response to the Section of Infections (INF) Review, held Nov. 2009
SC/47/6Proposed Programme (2012-2015) and Budget (2012-2013)
SC/47/7Feedback on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Agency
SC/47/8Feedback on the operation of the Biobank activities
SC/47/9Biostatistics Group (BST) activities at IARC
SC/47/10Continuity and term of office of Scientific Council members
SC/47/12Report of the Scientific Council on its 47th session
SC/47/11Biennial Report of the IARC Institutional Review Board (IRB), 2009-2010
SC/47/13List of participants
SC/47/14Purchase of scientific equipment
SC/47/WP4Scientific Report of the Section of Genetics (GEN) Review
SC/47 photoGroup photograph
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