IARC Governing Council
Fifty-eighth session

Lyons, 19-20 May 2016 - Auditorium, 09h00

Guide GC/58Guide for participants - GC/58 and related events
Group PhotographGroup Photograph 58th Governing Council, May 2016
GC/58List of documents
GC/58/2IARC Biennial Report 2014-2015
GC/58/3Director's Report
GC/58/4Report of the Scientific Council on its Fifty-second Session
GC/58/5Director's response to recommendations from the 52nd Session of the Scientific Council
GC/58/6Statement by the IARC Staff Association
GC/58/7Financial Report, Report of the External Auditor, and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2015
GC/58/8Update on the "Nouveau Centre" Project
GC/58/9Proposed recommendations from the Working Group following their review of the production of current standard reports
GC/58/10Proposal for an evaluation approach of the IARC Medium-Term Strategy 2016-2020
GC/58/11Update of the guidelines for Peer-Reviews at IARC
GC/58/12Biennial Report of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHSC), 2014-2015
GC/58/13Report on publication activities, including report on funding allocation
GC/58/14Options and proposals regarding the procedure for the election of the Director
GC/58/15Proposed priorities for resources actively mobilized as Undesignated Voluntary Contributions
GC/58/16Acceptance of grants and contracts, including report on interest apportionment
GC/58/17Acceptance of donations
GC/58/18ARequest for use of funds from the GCSF: A. Medium-term support to the Biobank
GC/58/18BRequest for use of funds from the GCSF: B. Upgrades to IARC premises security systems
GC/58/19Guidance on nominations for the replacement of Scientific Council members
GC/58/20Appointment of new members of the Scientific Council
GC/58/21List of Representatives - Participating States
GC/58/22Proposal from Spain for the repayment of its outstanding contributions
GC/58/R1-R20Resolutions from the 58th Governing Council Session
GC/58/Min.1Minutes of the first meeting, 19/05/2016 at 09:05
GC/58/Min.2Minutes of the second meeting, 19/05/2016 at 14:10
GC/58/Min.3Minutes of the third meeting, 20/05/2016 at 09:30
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